Environmental Social Governance

At Pro-invest Group, we are dedicated to optimising financial and social returns of our hotel investment portfolio for investors, facilitated through a focus on Environmental Social Governance.

Our Commitment

We recognise that Environmental Social Governance (ESG) is a growing area of importance and is most effective when engrained throughout the culture and business operations of a business. As such, we continue to align our sustainability framework with our strategic objectives of acquiring, developing and operating assets, enabling the Group to enhance its investments through yield accretive ESG initiatives and mitigates resource price volatility on its fund returns by reducing consumption. Further, the retention of high calibre staff is aided by internal regulatory mechanisms, enabling employees at all levels of Pro-invest Group to be happy, healthy and engaged.

At Pro-invest Group, we believe that while the benefits of a well-managed sustainability framework can have both direct competitive and financial benefits, the broader benefits of a smaller environmental footprint and enhanced employee well-being will continue to ensure that Pro-invest Group will achieve long-term sustainability.


Expanding Our Reach

Our dedicated team is constantly active in researching, coordinating and managing mechanisms to further expand Pro-invest Group’s sustainable business operations.

We work with highly regarded industry partners along with local and state governments in order to make our developments successful, ensuring that all stakeholders are integrated throughout the process from project initiation. In addition, as a small and privately-owned firm bringing financial strength, management experience and resources to drive developments forward, we are highly responsive to market needs and are able to implement quick solutions on projects in order to ensure seamless project delivery.

In aid of expanding our reach, we have established strong ties with several leading institutions, enabling our sustainability strategy to be streamlined while elevating the efficiency of our hotel assets to new heights. These institutions include but are not limited to the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB), the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) and Environmentally Sustainable Design consultancies to facilitate developing our hotels to achieve NABERS ratings.

Further, along with being proud members of the Asian Association for Investors in Non-listed Real Estate Vehicles (ANREV) and the European Association for Investors in Non-Listed Real Estate Vehicles (INREV), we continue to receive guidance and support from our long-standing partner the InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG).

Pro-invest Group takes pride in its ability to roll-out sustainability initiatives in an efficient manner across the lifecycle of the hotel to ensure the portfolio continuously adopts appropriate measures to reduce its overall environmental footprint. Examples of these initiatives include Pro-invest pushing the boundaries in sustainable design, targeting a 5-star NABERS for its Australian Fund II assets, while rolling out the A Greener Stay initiative across its hotel portfolio.

ANREV Sustainability Case Study: Holiday Inn Express Melbourne Southbank

As a member of ANREV – the Asian Association for Investors in Non-listed Real Estate Vehicles, Pro-invest remains informed of leading best practice corporate governance, sustainability, accounting and reporting standards within the real estate funds market. With Pro-invest’s sustainability efforts, Holiday Inn Express Melbourne Southbank was featured as a sustainability case study in ANREV’s publications during Q1 2019. The CEFC is providing a A$39 million construction and term debt facility along with another Australian Bank for the Melbourne Southbank asset to uplift its NABERS Energy rating from 4.5-Stars to 5-Stars. 

HIE Mel Southbank Render
A Greener Stay

The ‘A Greener Stay’ initiative forms a hallmark sustainability initiative for Pro-invest’s portfolio. In 2017, Pro-invest introduced the ‘A Greener Stay’ initiative to the Asia Pacific region.

The initiative enables guests staying two or more nights to opt in to forgo housekeeping services with guests being rewarded by receiving 500 InterContinental Hotels Group Rewards Points for their involvement.

The benefits of ‘A Greener Stay’ saves on in-room cleaning utilities, labour and costs while reducing the costs of laundering bed linen and towelling, coupled with attracting and enrolling new IHG Reward Members.

An Active Approach to Monitoring Consumption & Aligning to Best Practice Frameworks

All Pro-invest’s operational hotels partake in InterContinental Hotels Group’s Green Engage program to record, monitor and manage energy, carbon, water and waste on an asset by asset basis. Further, Pro-invest leverages its strategic partnership with Measurabl – a leading sustainability software provider – in gathering investor-grade utility information on both an asset and portfolio level. Measurabl has been an instrumental resource in Pro-invest’s annual Real Estate Assessment submission to the GRESB. 

ESG Publications

To read more on Pro-invest Group’s commitment to ESG, please visit our Knowledge Centre