The Pro-invest Difference

Combining in-depth market insights, innovative investment products, the expertise of a seasoned management team and a passion for investing, Pro-invest Group has the resources and experience to capitalise on opportunities and deliver results exceeding market returns.

Whether in Australia or the international market, we unlock investment opportunities through deep knowledge of operations, industry expertise and access to an extensive network. We take a pro-active asset management approach allowing us to create significant value-add while de-risking opportunistic investment through a rigorous and disciplined selection process keeping clear exit scenarios in mind. We always assess the highs and best use: Asset by asset, strategy by strategy resulting in industry-leading returns.

Pro-invest Group, reinforced by a team with decades of experience in international markets across Asia, Europe and the Middle East, built a strong organisational culture of pro-active management supporting alternative asset classes that has the ability to outperform traditional equities and fixed income securities on a risk-adjusted basis over the long term. By focusing on investments into real assets offering attractive running yields combined with an upside potential upon exit, we provide our investors with a stable income while offering downside protection through tangible value creation.


Low-risk-profile investments with long duration, secure and stable cashflows. Thanks to our inhouse development skill set, we also provide our investor with Built-to-Core investment opportunities.

Value Add

This strategy assists to improve the assets’ performance through our pro-active management including repositioning of the assets, refurbishment, active releasing or change of use.


Investments to achieve strong risk-adjusted returns by leveraging our inhouse skills set of development as well as day-to-day operational asset management.

The Investment Process

Pro-invest Group has developed a strict investment process reflecting the active management approach through which we are able to create value while mitigating risk.



Opportunities are generated by our entrepreneurial team and future leaders are identified and on-boarded early on.


Scalable, value-creation opportunities are screened by rigorous due diligence and sensitivity analysis.


Investment strategy is actively driven by in-house entrepreneurial team with a clear focus on out-performance.


Continuously, revenue growth opportunities are sought after and efficiency improvement initiatives are implemented.


Creative strategy to maximise value is set from project inception and trade purchases are groomed early on.